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Welcome to the Westdale Homeowners Association (WHA) website. Westdale is located west of the 405 freeway and south of the 10 freeway, and was founded in 1947 with the construction of 450 single-story tract homes built by developer Paul W. Trousdale.

Please visit our Westdale Images page to see
pictures of our 2015 Block Party on Coolidge Ave between Stanwood and Kingsland Ave..

This website was designed to be a comprehensive resource for the residents of Westdale.

Need a babysitter? Is it time for a remodel? Ready for piano lessons? Check out our Neighbor-to-Neighbor Referral pages. And if you have someone to refer, please let us know!

Also, check out the activities of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). They are always seeking new participants. For up-to-the-minute information about our neighboring communities, see the Mar Vista Community Council page.

Take a minute to find out more on the interesting history of Westdale. You can also look at a copy of the Westdale Villager Newsletter online. Additionally, we have posted contact information for the members of the Board of Directors and have also included recent Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes.

We are most fortunate to live in a beautiful, safe and very desirable area of the city. Your Westdale Homeowners Association (WHA) serves to represent every homeowner in matters of individual and collective interests, including:

  • Preservation of the neighborhood and protecting property values.

  • Monitoring and influencing such matters as adherence to building and property restrictions, graffiti controls, earthquake preparedness and response, and traffic control.

  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter (the Villager).
  • Many other concerns.

You can use our membership application to pay your dues. Please take a moment to apply for membership with us.


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Click the link below to view Information for Concerned Residients Against Airport Pollution

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